5 things Your Google Places Listing Should encompass

So you’ve done your investigation and decided that a Google Places listing is the next clear step in modernizing your business’s marketing scheme. Now it’s time to set up your Places page and optimize it so you can get the proper results for your efforts. There are a number of methods you can make a Places page for your business that will get noticed and that will yield customer comeback. Your Google Places listing should include these five things:
Your business name, precisely as it appears on your business license. Do not attempt to add keywords, taglines, or URLs to your business name in order to get more hits. Google is smart to this practice and will boot you off for it. That means that if your business’s name is “Speedy Recovery,” you need list it as such, even if you know a title like “Speedy Document Recovery and Retrieval” might get more hits.
Your business’s location. You must use a physical address. Post office box listings will be removed by Google. List the exact address, rather than street intersections, and avert including anything in the address lines that does not relate to your address, such as keywords, URLs, or taglines. If you have more than one location, build a Google Places listing for each location rather than attempt to include more than one address in the listing. If you are mobile and have a service area rather than a business location, then utilize the address of the central office or business headquarters.
Contact information. provide a working telephone number for your business, where individual can be reached during business hours. Additionally, include your company’s website and email address.
Business Categories. Google will let you to appoint up to five categories for your business, but you are required to select at least one. appoint simple, general categories that will return the most hits. Customized category names are less likely to be included in searches.
Compelling business description. Take care in writing up your business’s description. include keywords, but only in a way that will flow naturally for readers. Be sure to impart your business’s purpose, as well as what makes you stand out amongst others in your industry. Upload photos and videos to go along with the business description. Remember that the way you represent your business on your Google Places page is what will either drive customers to your business or away from your business and to the competition.
Congratulations on making the smart decision to claim your Google Places page. Now you need to make the most of it.

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