8 Types of Video a Business Owner can Create

One of the most normal questions I get from business owners is “what exactly should I make my video about?” I often answer by giving them the following list of 8 types of video that work best.

1.Slideshow- this is the simplest form of video to create. All one needs to do is go through your photo gallery, choose your best photos and format them into a slideshow. With some background music, your business video is ample.

2.Text based video- this video uses PowerPoint text slides to create a text slideshow. Each slide highlights features of your business or a product and can be augmented with background music. Using PowerPoint visual effects, you can create a visually stimulating slide show using just text.

3.Cartoon- separate type of video you can create is using cartoon characters such as puppets or animated digital cartoons. This is great for creating humorous videos. If your company has a mascot, you can apply the mascot as a basis for your cartoon videos.

4.Demo Videos-this is the kind of video best utilized when you want to demonstrate how a product works or when you want to walk a customer through a procedure. You can just title your video, “How To…..” It works in almost every kind of business. All you need to do is find out what people ask the most questions about and create a ‘how to’ video that answers those questions.

5.Tour- if your brick and mortar store is a key selling point in your marketing message, then you may want to deliberate creating a tour video. using this method, you simply walk through your business premises and pan around the different sections so that customers get a feel of your premises. This works well for service businesses like real estate, medical practices, restaurants, hotels and the like.

6.The Interview- if your business success depends a lot on the credibility of the business owner, the interview method is one of the best ways to create a video. Someone can be hired to ask the business owner various questions concerning their credentials, their values, their personal history and other business questions. This works for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, executive chefs, chief executive officers etc.

7.Client Testimonials- if you have a bunch of happy customers who are inclined to comment on their experience in doing business with you on camera, this is a viable method. You can record 30 second videos for each client and then pick key sections of each testimonial to create a 1 minute video collage of every client.

8.Documentary- if you have history and achievements as a business interest you can use them as material to create a short documentary about your business. This works well for family owned businesses that have operated across generations or even newer businesses that have made major contributions in an industry.


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