2 Tips to Creating a Convincing Talking Head Video

Video marketing has become the one of most popular marketing methods for entrepreneurs today. Talking head videos have increased in number as people have discovered them simple and low-cost to make and engaging with viewers. Here are two tips to creating a clear-cut talking head video

Tip number one is to make eye contact. Eye contact is the number one factor for a successful talking head video. Just as you would regularly look straight at a person throughout a conversation, the same applies when creating a video. You want to look straight into the camera instead of at your notes, desk, wall or other surroundings.

When you don’t look straight into the camera, you look uncomfortable, disinterested and sometimes untrusting. Please note, however, that looking straight into the camera does not mean just agaze without even blinking. That only makes you look unnatural and also unsettles your viewers.

If you tend to get nervous, it helps to just unwind, get comfortable and make-believe you’re talking to a friend you have shared all your life.

Tip number two is to be natural. One of the most common mistakes people make when creating a talking head video is trying to act like someone else.

For example, if they are shooting a sales video they think they need to be a hyper and bubbly salesperson. That’s okay if that is your natural personality, but if its not you’re not going to be able to pull it off and it will appear phony.

If you are a natural extrovert, be one and if you are a natural introvert, use that to your advantage. If you like giving stories, use storytelling as part of your message. If you are a more straight-to-the point sort of person, let that shape your video. It’s always best to just be yourself because your viewers will appreciate your honesty.

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