comparability of Google Places and Yelp

Internet marketing is comparatively new in comparison to marketing through other forms of media.  thus, the bombardment of Internet marketing options and avenues can be a bit perplexing if you’re not a technology marketing whiz.  Let’s face it: you’ve got your hands full operating your business.  You want to know what’s best for your business and how you can best reach probable customers. However, you don’t want to have to take a year of college marketing courses in order to do it.  fortunately, the world of Internet marketing can be broken down into manageable pieces.  Most anything you can do in the real world can be done in virtual reality, as long as you know which resources to go to.  Google Places and Yelp are two popular Internet marketing tools that you might have heard of. Both can be beneficial to your business, if you know how to utilize them.  Although they have some of the same features, the scope of these two Internet entities differs very much.  Here is a comparison of Google Places and Yelp:


Yelp.  Yelp is an interactive site that allows customers (users) to write and post reviews of local businesses.  Additionally, Yelp users can message other Yelp users, add/make Yelp friends, respond to Yelp reviews, virtually “check in” to businesses so their Yelp friends know where they are and where they’ve been, and post/attend events listed on Yelp.  In this capacity, Yelp is very much a social networking site. This is what makes it greatly different than Google Places.


Google Places.  Google Places is an extension of Google Maps and Google Local.  The pretense of Google Places is that each business location on Google Maps should have its own Places page that users can link to, from Google Search outputs and/or tags on Google Maps, in order to see information on that business.  Google Places pages include business descriptions, hours, coupons, photos, videos, and customer reviews.  Google Places even has Yelp reviews in its Places pages reviews.  Therefore, Google Places and Yelp intersection in this one area.

If you are a business looking to extend your marketing horizons, there is no better place to look than to the Internet.  Just be certain to do your research first and analyze all of your options.  Do not assume that, just because particular online entities may seem to have the same offerings, they are not all the same.  It is a good idea to list your business in not only one, but in as many Internet sites as possible.  For help with your Google Places and Yelp account set-up and optimization, contact us.

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