3 Video making Methods for the Camera timid Business Owner

One of the biggest worries business owners have about of video marketing is appearing on their videos. If you are camera shy and would rather not appear personally on your videos, you can still produce interesting and effective videos in 3 different ways. 1.PowerPoint Slides- though PowerPoint is frequently used for business presentations, the same slides can be used to build a video. You can edit your slides with relevant subject in forms of text and photos. Using video editing software you can position the slides to appear in the right order at different time intervals and add selected background music. PowerPoint slides are a great way to produce tutorials and instructional lessons and highlight product features. The beauty of using PowerPoint is its capability to easily combine both text and images within the same frame. 2.Screen Capture-you can also produce a video by capturing images of your computer screen. This works easily if your performing a demonstration of an […]

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5 Reasons Why SEO is a excellent Long Term Investment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves customizing your business’s website in order to get the highest possible ranking on search engine returns.  In today’s technology-centered consumer market, there is such an importance placed on SEO that numerous businesses fork out the big bucks for SEO specialists that can secure for them a spot on the highly coveted first page of search engine return outputs.  If you are interested in learning about SEO and what it can do for your business, and are questioning whether or not SEO is essential to your Internet marketing plan, keep reading.  Here are five reasons why SEO is a great long term investment for your business: You want people to visit your website.  After all, you did spend money and time developing your site.  Now you need to make sure it is seen by as numerous likely customers as possible, and SEO is the right way to do that.  The more optimized your site is, the […]

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Advantages of Video Marketing Over Article Marketing

Whether you operate a brick and mortar store or run a purely online information product business. Convincing your clients that your sales offer is worth investing in can often be a challenge. however by adding video into your marketing method, you can greatly drop client opposition and improve your conversion rates. This is because video provides a personal, visual, audio and physical demonstration of precisely what they will get if they decide to purchase from you. Here are a number of advantages of video marketing over article marketing: •Video is entertaining- a large majority of people would rather watch a video about a subject than read a book. This explains why the movie market is so successful and why YouTube has billions of video views per day. Of course, anything entertaining sells better so using video to market your products and services is a smart choice to plug into the entertainment psychology of prospects. •Video enables you to showcase your […]

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4 major Advantages of Video Marketing for Local Business

1.quicker Rankings Attaining page one rankings for your website on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines has become difficult as competition has grown and usually takes a extensive investment of time, money and effort. however a video with the matching keywords can get ranked within days or sometimes hours of being uploaded. If you are looking to hike your SEO results quickly, encompass video marketing as part of your SEO campaign. 2.More Appealing Video is more likeable to customers. This is particularly true when demonstrating how a product is utilized or when the physical business owner is in the video. Researchers have noticed that people take in material better when it’s presented in a visual method than just a plain text format. It is little wonder that YouTube gets over 2 billion video views per day. Video marketing creates more user engagement and comprehension about your business. This increases the know, like and trust factor […]

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2 Tips to Creating a Convincing Talking Head Video

Video marketing has become the one of most popular marketing methods for entrepreneurs today. Talking head videos have increased in number as people have discovered them simple and low-cost to make and engaging with viewers. Here are two tips to creating a clear-cut talking head video Tip number one is to make eye contact. Eye contact is the number one factor for a successful talking head video. Just as you would regularly look straight at a person throughout a conversation, the same applies when creating a video. You want to look straight into the camera instead of at your notes, desk, wall or other surroundings. When you don’t look straight into the camera, you look uncomfortable, disinterested and sometimes untrusting. Please note, however, that looking straight into the camera does not mean just agaze without even blinking. That only makes you look unnatural and also unsettles your viewers. If you tend to get nervous, it helps to just unwind, get […]

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8 Types of Video a Business Owner can Create

One of the most normal questions I get from business owners is “what exactly should I make my video about?” I often answer by giving them the following list of 8 types of video that work best. 1.Slideshow- this is the simplest form of video to create. All one needs to do is go through your photo gallery, choose your best photos and format them into a slideshow. With some background music, your business video is ample. 2.Text based video- this video uses PowerPoint text slides to create a text slideshow. Each slide highlights features of your business or a product and can be augmented with background music. Using PowerPoint visual effects, you can create a visually stimulating slide show using just text. 3.Cartoon- separate type of video you can create is using cartoon characters such as puppets or animated digital cartoons. This is great for creating humorous videos. If your company has a mascot, you can apply the mascot […]

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Main Features and Benefits of Using Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a fast, effective, inexpensive and cutting-edge marketing strategy, offering businesses a slew of new ways to reach customers through the one thing they never leave home without: their cell phone. Whether your marketing campaign centers around promoting a special deal, advertising a new product or service, informing customers of a business upgrade, or recruiting new members, there is no more effective way to reach the masses and achieve a response than to implement mobile marketing methods. If you are a business that is new to mobile marketing, you owe it to yourself to learn more. Here are the main features and benefits of using mobile marketing: Features of Mobile Marketing: • Mobile marketing campaigns are easy to plan and execute, regardless of your technical experience (or lack thereof). Work with a marketing firm that is experienced in mobile marketing services to help you, the business, get on the right track, and that offers user-friendly software and great […]

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