Advantages of Video Marketing Over Article Marketing

Whether you operate a brick and mortar store or run a purely online information product business. Convincing your clients that your sales offer is worth investing in can often be a challenge. however by adding video into your marketing method, you can greatly drop client opposition and improve your conversion rates. This is because video provides a personal, visual, audio and physical demonstration of precisely what they will get if they decide to purchase from you.

Here are a number of advantages of video marketing over article marketing:

•Video is entertaining- a large majority of people would rather watch a video about a subject than read a book. This explains why the movie market is so successful and why YouTube has billions of video views per day. Of course, anything entertaining sells better so using video to market your products and services is a smart choice to plug into the entertainment psychology of prospects.

•Video enables you to showcase your product and service in great detail in a concise and entertaining manner compared to text. Just invision how grueling it would be for an auto dealer to try to explain the latest Ford model he has compared to his contender, who shot a video of the actual car. Physical products work well with video marketing as their video images alone assist to sell the product. Indeed some videos don’t even require a voiceover if you know how to properly showcase the physical aspects of a product.

•Video also provides a faster way to communicate to people. A short and well produced 2 minute video can speak more than a 1000 word article that takes 10 minutes to read.

•Video has less distractions- time and again once people start watching a video, they will watch it to the very end. With text even a slight distraction can break their train of thought. Video provides a way to get your marketing message across uninterrupted.

•Videos are easier to make than articles for most people. Most business owners and people in general pause when asked to write an article, but can readily agree to hold a camera and shoot a video. With the advent of smart phone cameras and easy to use digital cameras, just about anyone can shoot a video making it a trouble-free, fast and inexpensive option to any business owner.

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